Kenwood Kitchen Machine

The Kenwood Chef is an iconic food mixer developed by Ken Wood in Britain. It is a single machine with a number of attachments that allow it to perform many functions. The Chef, based on the earlier A200, was introduced in 1950. Kenwood mixers, along with most other Kenwood products were originally manufactured in the […]

Black Office Chair

Black Office Chair
Create the perfect place to do work with office chairs from Crate and Barrel. Find desk chairs in a variety of styles and materials. Browse stationary office chairs and chairs on casters. Create a relaxed, inspiring space for work and productivity in your home with a firm, yet comfortable office chair. Whatever your home office […]

Make Room For Baby

“Some of it is just cheesy, and I didn’t want a theme. I’m not a theme person,” she says. “I wanted the nursery to match the rest of my house and not be overly girly or something she was going to grow out of.” The cream and pale purples of Sienna’s room flow seamlessly into […]